Marvel Universe

Doom’s Greatest Battles

Our favorite Doctor Doom power plays! Tremble in fear as Latveria’s overlord shows you who’s boss with his commanding presence and ingenious schemes!

Doom, Always Doom

Doom Rises

in Books of Doom (2005) #1

From the mouth of the supreme one himself, behold the origin of Doom! From his beginnings in Latveria as a vagabond refugee, to his fated meeting with Reed Richards in the halls of academia, to his final transformation in his iconic armor, this is the story of Victor Von Doom’s rise to power – as told by Doom!

Fantastic Debut

in Fantastic Four (1961) #5

No sooner had the FF become a national phenomenon than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby put the team up against the mastermind who would become their greatest foe! Doom sends the FF on a whirlwind gauntlet through time!

The Power Cosmic

in Fantastic Four (1961) #57

Read through #60! Another classic by Stan and Jack, this is the story that propelled Doom’s villainy to unprecedented heights! The Silver Surfer is stranded on Earth and Doom sees an opportunity…to steal the Surfer’s Power Cosmic!

Clash of the Titanic Minds

in Fantastic Four (1961) #200

For their whole lives, Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom have been the bitterest of nemeses. And here, when Doom hatches his latest plot for world conquest, the two smartest men on Earth at last have their senses-shattering duel!

This Land is MINE!

in Fantastic Four (1961) #247

One of the greatest looks into the mind of Doom comes near the start of John Byrne’s iconic FF run! Having returned from suspended animation, Doom makes a triumphant return to his homeland of Latveria – to find it in complete disarray! This story shows that beneath Doom’s armored exterior beats the heart of a man who loves his country.

Reaching Into the Beyond

in Secret Wars (1984) #1

Read through #12! The mysterious Beyonder has kidnapped Earth’s heroes and villains, forcing them to fight to the death in his ‘Battleworld’. But Doom secretly manipulates the events behind the scenes, never losing sight of his true goal – stealing the Beyonder’s omnipotent power for himself!

Triumph & Torment

in Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (1989)

One of Doom’s greatest stories shows a side rarely seen – heroic!? In this groundbreaking tale, Doom enlists the help of Doctor Strange to wage war against a demon that possesses the soul of his mother! Dazzling art from industry legend Mike Mignola brings to life one of the most moving and emotional stories in all of Marveldom.


in Fantastic Four (1998) #67

Time and again, the Fantastic Four has thwarted Doom’s plans for dominion. In this story, the centerpiece of Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s now-classic run, Doom says “NO MORE”! Delving deeper into the dark arts of sorcery than ever before, Doom takes the FF by storm in a truly chilling showdown. Read through #500!

Pure of Heart?

in Doomwar (2010) #3

In this crossover event, Doom declares war on Wakanda and the Black Panther! In a cunning masterstroke, Victor attempts what no other in history has accomplished – to claim all of Wakanda’s treasured vibranium! But to succeed, he will first have to pass a test showing his purity of intent to none other than Bast, the panther god! Doom lays bare his soul for the first time.

Building Battleworld

in Secret Wars (2015) #1

Everything dies – and at the center is Doom! The multiverse is no more, destroyed in the Incursions. But when the last Earths fall, only one man is able to save remnants from them and form a new world amidst the entropy – God Emperor Doom! But Doom’s utopia is not the paradise it seems to be…