Doomwar (2010) #3

Doomwar (2010) #3

Doomwar (2010) #3

Doomwar (2010) #3

  • Published

    April 21, 2010

The Fantastic Four join in as the fires of DoomWar escalate into a full-blown inferno! Sometimes you can win every battle and still lose the war. That's the hard truth facing the Black Panther and the X-Men as they reel from Doctor Doom's most crippling blow yet. Doom now has everything he requires to become the most powerful force on Earth. All he needs is the time to bring his newly invincible armies into the field. The clock is ticking and Doomsday is coming. Rated T ...$3.99

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960607085-00311
  • FOC Date:March 25, 2010
  • Price:$1.99
  • Page Count:25


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