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Meet the New Agents of Atlas

Jimmy Woo. Silk. Brawn. Shang-Chi. Luna Snow. Crescent. Sword Master. Aero. Wave. White Fox. Read our comic picks for the all-new Agents of Atlas, a globe-spanning team comprised of the newest (and most remarkable) heroes in the Marvel Universe. Read their adventures now in AGENTS OF ATLAS (2019).

Get to Know...

Jimmy Woo

in Agents of Atlas (2006) #1

The name’s Woo. Jimmy Woo. Having worked on clandestine missions for the FBI and S.H.I.E.L.D., Woo is considered Marvel’s premiere secret agent and has the intel to boot. He is also the team's commander.

Brawn, AKA Amadeus Cho

in The Totally Awesome Hulk (2015) #1

Twenty-year-old genius Amadeus Cho has not only adventured alongside heroes like Hulk and Hercules, but has become one himself. He has used the monikers Mastermind Excello, Prince of Power, and the Totally Awesome Hulk, but no matter what name he’s using, Cho has always been determined to use his powers, and his mind, for good.

Silk, AKA Cindy Moon

in Silk (2015) #1

Cindy Moon may have spent the first half of her life in a bunker, but she’s more than making up for lost time as the super-powered Silk. Over the course of her imprisonment, Cindy was denied of family, friends, and any shot at a normal life, although she did extensively train to become the hero she is today.


in Master of Kung Fu (2017) #126

AKA the undisputed Master of Kung Fu. A martial artist of perfect execution, Shang-Chi has risen above his father’s criminal legacy to become a defender of justice. He often teams with fellow Marvel heroes, but is a force to be reckoned with on his own.

Luna Snow, AKA Seol Hee

in Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow (2019) #1

As a South Korean pop sensation, Seol Hee melts her fans’ hearts… and as Luna Snow she freezes her enemies! Luna is an immensely talented young woman who bounces between being an international K-pop star while battling evil as a Super Hero.

Crescent, AKA Dan Bi

in Agents of Atlas (2019) #1

Dan Bi is a young girl from South Korea who shares a bond with ancient mystical bear spirit, Io. When their powers work in concert, Crescent and Io are an unstoppable duo of vast strength and occult magic.

Sword Master, AKA Lin Lie

in Sword Master (2019) #1

Shanghai native Lin Lie tore through Fire Goblins in WAR OF THE REALMS with his big, dang magic sword! Now, you can learn his mysterious origins. Lin Lie has long been plagued by dreams of demons, stemming back to the disappearance of his archeologist father—and the secret of the black sword he left behind.

Aero, AKA Lei Ling

in Aero (2019) #1

Balancing her career as an architect with life as a hero that can control the wind, Aero uses her powers to defend her beloved home of Shanghai! Whether fighting off animate skyscraper monsters, or defending her home country alongside the Agents of Atlas, Lei Ling is a consummate professional.

Wave, AKA Pearl Pangan

in Aero (2019) #2

Blessed with elemental water powers, Filipina Pearl Pangan showed off a great deal of a potential as a swimmer, until her path to the Olympics was disrupted by the company AlonTech. Instead of becoming a competitive athlete, Wave was tricked into participating in the company’s science experiments, granting her the ability to manipulate all forms of water.

White Fox, AKA Ami Han

in Future Fight Firsts: White Fox (2019) #1

Ami Han is a spy, a Super Hero, and the last of the kumiho, a mystical race of shapeshifters that share their form with foxlike beings. But who was she before she became White Fox? And what happened to the rest of the kumiho?