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Whether operating as a government-sponsored team, mutant detectives, or corporate heroes for hire, “X-Factor" has seen many incarnations over the years. Read up on each roster here, fan-favorite spinoff series that star your favorite mutants.


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Return of Jean Grey

in X-Factor (1986) #1

At first a reunion series starring the Original Five X-Men, X-FACTOR expanded into multiple rosters as their agenda shifted. At their debut, X-Factor operated under the ruse of being “mutant hunters,” rounding up young mutants with loose control over their abilities. Jean Grey was resurrected too, leaving Cyclops on the outs with then-wife Madelyne Pryor.

Enter Apocalypse

in X-Factor (1986) #5

X-Factor’s first volume introduced readers to En Sabah Nur, perhaps the world’s oldest mutant and one of the X-Men’s most prominent foes. Read through issue #6 for Apocalypse’s first (full) appearance.

Mutant Massacre Tie-In

in X-Factor (1986) #10

During the MUTANT MASSACRE event, Warren Worthington III, AKA Angel, had his wings irreparably damaged by the Marauders, a team of mercenaries responsible for wiping out the Morlock’s ranks. After losing his wings, Worthington spiraled into self-destruction, eventually drawing the attention of Apocalypse who offered a solution to his pain.

Fighting for the Feds

in X-Factor (1986) #71

With federal agent Valerie Cooper acting as liaison to mutant affairs, X-Factor gained government sponsorship and an all-new lineup—Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane took Cooper up on her offer.


in X-Factor (1986) #87

Writer Peter David was a powerhouse on X-FACTOR, establishing many of the relationships and quirks that defined the team. In this now-classic issue, (also mirrored in 2005’s X-FACTOR #13), the team undergoes therapy with one-on-one sessions. Doc Samson guest-stars.

X-Factor Investigations

in X-Factor (2005) #1

After more than half of the world’s mutants wake up without powers, Multiple Man: Jamie Madrox opens a mutant detective agency. The only thing more interesting than X-Factor’s caseload is messy team drama. Ideal for new readers, you’ll want to binge this run.

X-Factor: Reunited

in X-Factor Forever (2010) #1

Legendary X-scribe Louise Simonson reunites the Original Five X-Men with the title and characters she helped make famous. In the Forever-verse, the formation and legacy of X-Factor is reimagined. But Apocalypse remains a looming threat.

Serving Serval

in All-New X-Factor (2014) #1

Serval Industries, one of the world's leaders in cutting-edge tech, commissioned their own contribution to society with ALL-NEW X-FACTOR. Led by original member Polaris, this X-Factor crew used its corporate backing to do whatever C.E.O. Harrison Snow required. Co-starring Gambit and Quicksilver.

Krakoa PD

in X-Factor (2020) #1

Mutants may have conquered death, but murder still abounds on the island of Krakoa. X-Factor enters the DAWN OF X in this mystery series. When a mutant dies, X-Factor is there to investigate how and why, in order to keep the rules of reincarnation.