Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game


Take on the roles of Marvel's most famous Super Heroes—or create your own—to fight some of the most dangerous Super Villains in the Marvel Universe!


Featuring the All-New, All-Different d616 System, THE PLAYTEST RULEBOOK gives players the chance to play the game—including character creation and combat—while shaping the future of the game via player feedback.


The book also includes an introductory scenario and full profiles for some of Marvel's greatest heroes: Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and more. All you need is the book, three six-sided dice, and a group of friends. What're you waiting for? A FANTASTIC adventure awaits!


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We’ll be making updates to the rules throughout the Playtest! Please click below to download the latest updates now!

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Last updated 4/20/22

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  • Where’s my favorite hero, and why weren’t they in the book?

The Playtest Rulebook is only 120 comic book-sized pages. There’s not nearly enough room to fit in even a good fraction of the thousands of Marvel characters. Because of that, we decided to go with 10 popular heroes who are different enough to show off various parts of the system. (Hint: They’re all on the regular cover of the book.) We will add more characters when the Core Rulebook is released.


  • Where are the rest of the powers?

As with the heroes, there wasn’t nearly enough space in the Playtest Rulebook to fit in all the powers we’d love to show you. Instead, we decided to limit ourselves to the powers and power sets used by the characters on the standard cover of the book.


  • Is there any errata for the book?

Yes! You can find it available for download here. We’ll add to it as we correct any other mistakes we find. Digital versions of the book will be updated automatically, although you may still wish to consult the errata document to see exactly what’s changed.


  • Does the Core Rulebook (A.K.A. the full game) have a release date, and what will it look like?

Nothing’s been announced yet, and the actual date may depend on the feedback we receive on the Playtest Rulebook. That said, it’ll be a full-color, hardcover book in the friendly neighborhood of 300 pages long.


  • What kinds of other books are coming out for the game?

Nothing’s been announced yet, but we are planning sourcebooks, adventures, and other expansions. We’ll let you know about each of them when they’re ready to be talked about.


  • Where can I get official dice for the game?

These are in the works, and they should be available in time for the Core Rulebook. In the meantime, you can use any three dice you like, as long as you have a way to mark one as the Marvel die. Using an off-color die works great, but you can also use a sticker or a marker to distinguish it.