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Loki's Best Tricks

Top ten times Loki did what Loki does! Ever since his debut, Loki has used his gods-given abilities to wreak havoc throughout the Marvel Universe, especially when it comes to his adoptive people, the Asgardians. Of course, he's also unleashed trouble for the legions of heroes who have popped up on Earth...


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Leaf Him Alone!

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #85

In his first appearance, Loki was imprisoned in a tree for being a pain in the royal behind. But his spell could be broken in the event that someone shed a tear for little ol’ Loki! So, Loki figured out how to drop a leaf as guardian god Heimdall walked by, grazing his eyeball and making him cry. Freed, Loki traveled to Midgard, hypnotized Thor, and turned humans into negative versions of themselves!

The Avengers “Accident”

in Avengers (1963) #1

Loki: the reason the Avengers assembled! Exiled on the Isle of Silence, Loki sought a way to trick Thor into a fight. So, he manipulated the Hulk whose exploits garnered the attention of Rick Jones and his Teen Brigade! The Brigade then sent a message to the Fantastic Four that was intercepted by Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man. Everyone showed up to stop the Hulk’s rampage, and Loki got his spotlight once more!

Hopping Mad

in Thor (1966) #364

To get Thor out of the picture yet again, Loki turned him into a frog! Although, Loki had no idea that his amphibian-ized sibling would wind up in an epic war between frogs and rats in New York City. Even with a new form, Thor managed to transform himself into Throg, Frog of Thunder. It was in this form that the Odinson swooped in, grabbed Loki, and beat him up before finally returning to his normal appearance.

Death Defier

in Journey Into Mystery (2011) #622

In one of Loki's more horrific schemes, he convinced Norman Osborn to lay siege to Asgard—then floating over the American Midwest—which resulted in a lot of dead gods, including himself. However, given his tendency towards chicanery, the Laufeyson made deals with the likes of Mephisto and Hela to keep his name out of the Book of the Dead, allowing him to be reborn in the body of an Earth boy, dubbed “Kid Loki.”


in Vote Loki (2016) #1

“In Loki we BeLIEve.” Once upon a time, Loki ran for President of the United States. Daily Bugle reporter Nisa Contreras didn't buy this gimmick at all, and kept digging up the truth to deride Loki’s candidacy. Of course, this silver-tongued swindler had his own motives, but his baby-kissing campaign and overt criticism of Latveria did seem genuine.

Master of Infinity

in Infinity Wars (2018) #1

Once Loki got it in his head to acquire all of the Infinity Stones, he attempted—and failed—to endear himself to their then owner. The aftermath? Loki landed in an alternate reality, formed his own Cosmic Avengers with their own off-kilter Stones, and eventually stole the real ones which got him to where he wanted to go. Leave it to the God of Lies to weave a plot so complicated that even he can't follow the threads.

Sneaky Supreme

in Doctor Strange (2015) #381

Read through issue #385! In an effort to prepare Doctor Strange for oncoming threats like Malekith's WAR OF THE REALMS, Loki created an illusion wherein he took the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. While Strange struggled, the mischief-maker sought out a spell that would help return magic to Midgard. Ultimately, both Strange and Loki were successful, though Strange remained unconvinced of the Asgardian's true motives.

The Backstabbing Bargain

in Mighty Thor (2015) #5

While Malekith amassed allies in WAR OF THE REALMS, All-Mother Freyja asked Loki to be a spy for Asgard. Hearing that the Dark Elf intended to kill his mother, the trickster stabbed her himself and escaped back to the Dark Council. Freyja recovered, and Loki killed his father, thus betraying Malekith. However, the Mischievous One's machinations left him as King of the Frost Giants, so his benevolence remains suspect.

Future Imperfect

in King Thor (2019) #1

In one particular future, Loki and Thor were two of the few remaining beings in existence. To acquire the powerful All-Black the Necrosword—actually the first symbiote created by Knull—Loki turned himself into a worm and drove Living Planet Ego out of his gigantic mind by whispering constantly in his ear. Armed with the weapon, Loki then flew off to kill Thor, but instead found himself impaled by the God Butcher!