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Patton Oswalt & Jordan Blum's Pull List

The showrunners of Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. share their favorite comic picks! Read the M.O.D.O.K.: HEAD GAMES comic series by Patton and Jordan with art by Scott Hepburn now, or dive into their recommended reading below!



Marvel Unlimited

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Untold Tales of Spider-Man

in Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995) #1

Whhhhhhhhy was this lean, brilliant, heartfelt series cancelled? This could have gone on forever, and could have stretched into titles like X-Men and the Fantastic Four! Oh well.

Old Man Logan Event

in Wolverine (2003) #66

I love wastelands, Westerns, and Wolverine. A match made in heaven. Read through issue #72, plus WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN GIANT-SIZE #1!


Marvel Unlimited

Want to read all these digital comics? Get instant access to all these and more!

X-Factor by Peter David and Larry Stroman

in X-Factor (1986) #72

Read through issue #75! A rare comedy book with great characterization and heart that instantly made a bunch of B-list mutants into my all-time favorites. This is easily the series that launched a hundred Madrox, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Havok and even Quicksilver stan accounts. Larry Stroman is an unparalleled genius here—where every single background extra seems to be a main character in their own story.

Meet Noh-Varr

in Marvel Boy (2000) #1

He's an unlikeable Kree jerk-teen with cockroach DNA that wants to burn our world to the ground. He's also one of writer Grant Morrison's greatest creations along with the other brilliant and bizarre ideas that premiere in this book—like Hexus the Living Corporation, Doctor Midas, and Oubliette. Artist J.G. Jones does his own take on Jim Steranko, pushing his style to the limit issue after issue.

John Byrne's Alpha Flight

in Alpha Flight (1983) #12

I'm not Canadian (and therefore have zero bias), but the first 12 issues of ALPHA FLIGHT made me a lifelong fan. This is classic 80s Byrne working hard to establish rich and unique characters after their brief appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN. The art is stunningly detailed and the comic subverts other team books of the time—all leading to a shocking 12th issue that rocks the team and completely upends the status quo.