Marvel Universe

Sylvie Lushton: Enchantress

Sylvie Lushton is Enchantress, a formidable sorceress who is empowered by Loki. While she lacks formal training in her magic, Lushton can pull off teleportation, spellcasting, and mental manipulations with ease.


First Appearance

in Dark Reign: Young Avengers (2009) #1

Sylvie Lushton, an average young woman hailing from Broxton, Oklahoma, wakes up one morning with powers. She decides to become the Enchantress, modeled after the Asgardian Amora, and takes on her way of speaking. Which she regrets immediately.

Sylvie’s Origins

in Dark Reign: Young Avengers (2009) #4

While serving as (arguably) the most powerful member of the “Young Masters,” it was revealed that Loki was behind the creation of Sylvie’s Enchantress persona. Whether as a cruel joke or to use her as an instrument of chaos, Loki bestowed this mortal from Midgard with the powers and memories of an Asgardian.

Partnered with Alchemist

in Avengers Academy (2010) #34

Read through issue #37! Sylvie next aligned with Jeremy Briggs, AKA Alchemist, the super-powered CEO of Briggs Chemical LLC. Reuniting with the Young Masters to “convince” the students of Avengers Academy to de-power all Super Heroes and Villains, Sylvie cut a tough deal to secure Briggs’ vision.

Doom Maiden

in Fearless Defenders (2013) #9

As a member of Caroline le Fay’s Doom Maidens, Sylvie stepped into a Super Villain role and was tasked with leading a team to activate mystical relics imbued with energy. Unfortunately, she and the others were stopped in their tracks and captured by the Defenders.

Becoming “Amora”

in Illuminati (2015) #1

Sylvie fell in with yet another criminal circle, this time the Hood’s Illuminati. Using the disguise of Amora, Sylvie intended to infiltrate the Realm Eternal to gain more power. But this lie was short-lived...

A Goddess Betrayed

in Illuminati (2015) #7

The real Enchantress, Amora, tracks Sylvie down to punish her for tarnishing the name. Currently, Sylvie is banished in the “harshest” of the Ten Realms.