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Clan Destine

A centuries-old family of supernatural children who carve history across the continents! Over 800 years ago, the djinn Elalyth rendered the wounded knight Adam Destine immortal and they become lovers, starting a family who must keep their powers hidden. That is, until twins Rory and Pandora become costumed crime-fighters, bringing their family into the limelight in the age of Super Heroes!


Meet the Clan Destine

in Clandestine (1994) #1

Following a first appearance in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #158, the Clan Destine landed this offbeat solo series by legendary creator Alan Davis. For centuries they have lived among us—mysterious, elusive, now what are they doing with brightly colored costumes and codenames?


in Clandestine (1994) #5

Adam Destine, ancient patriarch to the family, shares his unique history and relationship to the djinn with his youngest progeny. Who was Adam before his immortal transformation, and how has his family stayed hidden all this time?

Mutant Mayhem

in X-Men: Clan Destine (1996) #1

When Professor X and members of the Clan Destine are targeted by a malevolent entity, the X-Men step in alongside the rest of the family to protect against evil! That is, if the teams don’t kill each other first!

“They Live Among Us!”

in Clandestine (2008) #1

The existence of the hidden clan is threatened with exposure by the activities of one of their youngest siblings, Rory Destine, AKA the costumed crime fighter Crimson Crusader! And now that the cat's out of the bag, who (or what) is going to come calling at the family's Ravenscroft doorway?

“Through a Dark Glass Paradoxically”

in Fantastic Four Annual (2012) #33

The Thing and the Human Torch investigate a mysterious magical paradox in space and time with the help of Doctor Strange! What dark secrets haunt the history of the Clan Destine?

“A Tourist in Hell”

in Daredevil Annual (2012) #1

Continued from FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #33! The return of a menace from the past sets Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and the ClanDestine on a collision course.

“The Greater Evil”

in Wolverine Annual (2012) #1

The third and final chapter, continued from DAREDEVIL ANNUAL #1! A debt owed to a dead man causes Wolverine to seek the truth behind the mystery of the rogue member of the ClanDestine family called Vincent.