Marvel Universe

2022 Year In Review: Marvel Unlimited

1,410 new books added. 56,470,269 total pages read. 2022 marked a big year for Marvel Unlimited milestones—see some of the top read series, storylines, and characters of the year!

2022 STATS

Top Read Series

in Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1

A staff and fan-favorite, this defining Spidey run can’t be missed. Peter gets a revamped origin in this powerful series, chronicling his first days as the radioactive Spider-Man.

Most Read Hero: Spider-Man

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #1

Where to start with Peter Parker? It was a major year for the Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler. Spider-clone Ben Reilly nearly killed his copy during the events of "Beyond," Tombstone also went in for a final blow, and Peter faced judgment on the heaviest moment of his life in an A.X.E. tie-in. And that’s just this year!

Most Read Villain: Venom

in Venom (2021) #1

Or, if you don’t like the term "villain," Lethal Protector works too. Venom ruled for baddies this year, and his new ongoing from Al Ewing and horror maestro Ram V. made for a reader’s favorite each month. Start this mind-bending and gut-wrenching tale of symbiosis!

Most Read Team: X-Men

in X-Men (2021) #1

The Krakoan Age continues to pull strong favor from our readers, including the X-Men’s latest team book! If you haven’t tried either yet, IMMORTAL X-MEN (2022) and X-MEN RED (2022) were other fan-favorites this year.

Most Read Event: Civil War

in Civil War (2006) #1

Our readers love a classic! The Superhuman Civil War starring Iron Man and Captain America—and their opposing sides—makes an ideal entry point for those seeking blockbuster-style action. Whose side are you on?