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Spark of the Resistance

in Poe Dameron (2016) #1

With Poe Dameron being my favorite Star Wars character, it was a no-brainer to read this series. It adds a lot to the cinematic mythos and fleshes out the charismatic parts of Poe Dameron. The new characters introduced (like Poe's teammates and Agent Terex) all get plenty of development. In addition, there's lots to appreciate within the world-building that makes for a classic Star Wars experience.

"Hooked on a Feeling"

in Star-Lord (2016) #1

My favorite Marvel character gets a worthy series highlighting what makes him so appealing. Despite making his fair share of mistakes, Star-Lord finds a way to make things right and wants to do good wherever he goes. I also appreciate the nice change of pace from the series by having it set on Earth, where he comes across characters you wouldn't expect.

"We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy"

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2008) #1

This series is a prime example of why the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe is ripe with creative potential. A great starting point for these pop culture icons, each member has excellent chemistry. Plenty of dramatic moments raise the stakes of whatever conflict the Guardians are trying to resolve.

Street-Level Mysteries

in Moon Knight (2021) #1

Moon Knight is another fictional character I've grown to love because of Oscar Isaac. What makes this comic series appealing is a more considerable emphasis on the mystical aspects. There's a perfect balance between Mr. Knight's casual personality and the action-heavy nature of Moon Knight. It's also pleasant to see Moon Knight feel more confident about himself without being overly concerned about Khonshu.

An Exceptional Team

in Ultimates (2015) #1

Some of the brightest minds of the Marvel Universe come together for a bizarre experience that fleshes out the cosmic frontiers. Each member brings something unique to the table, with their problem-solving adventures creating an exciting experience with surreal artwork. In addition, the dialogue has a sense of sophistication, which isn't surprising due to its cast of geniuses including Black Panther and Blue Marvel.

An Underrated, Unsung Hero

in Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel (2008) #1

After falling in love with the character in [video game] Marvel: Avengers Alliance, I had to read up on his origin. Blue Marvel has been through many hurdles, but seeing how he perseveres and rises to the occasion is inspiring. As an allegory for race relations, his story emphasizes the need for change through compassion and unity. His powers and intellect make him a one-of-a-kind hero that can pack a punch.

Rhodey: An Allegory of Friendship

in Iron Man (1968) #170

With my best friend’s favorite Marvel character being Iron Man, I serve as the Rhodey to my Stark-like friend. I relate to Rhodey since I seek to do good in this world and have a solid moral compass. It’s nice to have a classic comic story highlighting the power of friendship, even when things look bleak. When you're willing to support your best friend in any way possible, it shows a friendship’s true strength.