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Cable and Deadpool

The Mutant Odd Couple. One’s a rough-and-tumble soldier from a nightmarish future. The other’s a mouthy mercenary who’s clinically insane. Since meeting on the pages of New Mutants, Cable and Deadpool have a shared history of team-ups, beat-ups and ‘what just happened’ moments. Check out their reluctant friendship here!


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When Cable Met Deadpool

in New Mutants (1983) #98

Deadpool’s first appearance! Friendship blossoms between two misunderstood mutants…just kidding- Deadpool’s been hired to kill Cable. The always gruff Cable is unamused by the mercenary’s kill shots. Who’s hired Deadpool to take out the New Mutants’ leader? And can Deadpool still blab with a broken jaw?


in X-Force (1991) #2

Cable’s mutant strike team has a long, intertwined history with Wade Wilson…whether they want to or not. Check out Deadpool in his X-Force debut as he battles Kane, a cybernetic soldier of Weapon X.

Cable vs. Deadpool

in Deadpool (1997) #22

Cable dukes it out with Deadpool when he catches the merc stalking X-Force members (a.k.a. Siryn). Deadpool dukes it out with Cable because he’s partially lost his mind. The issue that gives backstabbing a whole new meaning!

Comrades at Odds

in Cable & Deadpool (2004) #1

The team-up takes off! Cable and Deadpool are front and center in this long running series. But will Wade and Nathan be able to work together without giving into homicidal rage? Deadpool’s been hired to steal a bioweapon for a cult- and Cable’s not having it! Written by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza.

Civil War

in Cable & Deadpool (2004) #31

Where do the partners stand in the midst of Civil War? Unsurprisingly, on opposite sides. Deadpool’s relishing his role as ‘Superhuman Marshall’, while Cable’s opposing superhuman armies. Featuring Captain America and the Anti-Registration Avengers.

Messiah Complex

in Cable (2008) #13

Cable’s been entrusted with protecting mutant messiah, Hope Summers. Deadpool’s returned to X-Force forecasting a dark future for Cable’s team. But wait…does that mean Deadpool time-travelled? And is Stryfe, Nathan’s evil clone, back from the dead? Deadpool and X-Force team-up to save mutantkind!

Two Mutants and a Baby

in Deadpool & Cable (2010) #25

Think Cable was the sole protector of the mutant messiah? Think again! In the Alaskan wilderness a mutant cyborg and a human mutate take care of an infant girl. Sounds like a surefire sitcom.

Remembering Cable

in Deadpool & Cable (2010) #26

In the wake of Messiah Complex, Nathan Summers is dead. How will Deadpool honor his fallen friend? By drinking too much? Building an amusement park in Rumekistan? (Not an actual country). Or perhaps with the sincerest form of flattery- impersonation! Introducing Cable-pool!

Partners in Time

in Deadpool (2012) #26

Cable time warps with Deadpool to 1950’s America. Hang onto your hats, guys and dolls- Nick Fury guest-stars! The unlikely duo takes down a time displaced Hitler. And that’s not the strangest thing in this issue.

My Enemy, My Friend?

in Deadpool Vs. X-Force (2014) #1

Before their fateful meeting in New Mutants #98, Deadpool and Cable encountered each other…in the timestream! Deadpool’s recklessness is threatening American history. Will Cable and X-Force prevent the American Revolution from going the way of Deadpool?

Deadpool Kills Cable

in Despicable Deadpool (2017) #287

What’s more anti-hero than killing your best friend? Deadpool goes back to his vile beginnings as a mercenary and he’s never felt better about a life choice. Watch out, Cable, your old friend Wade has you in the crosshairs of a contract!