Annihilation 2099 (2024) #5

Annihilation 2099 (2024) #5

Annihilation 2099 (2024) #5

Annihilation 2099 (2024) #5

  • Published

    July 31, 2024

FIRST CONTACT WITH THE IMPALER! After a derelict spacecraft crashes on an alien world, the wreck reveals a deadly discovery - DRACULA! But this is a planet terrified of the daylight, which Dracula couldn't love more. Soon, he's their hero. When a DARKHAWK attacks from the stars, Dracula fights back! But does he want to save the planet or make it the first world in his new empire?

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960620952100511
  • FOC Date:July 01, 2024


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