MARVEL ZERO [2024] #1 (2024) #1

MARVEL ZERO [2024] #1 (2024) #1

MARVEL ZERO [2024] #1 (2024) #1

MARVEL ZERO [2024] #1 (2024) #1

  • Published

    July 24, 2024

Collecting Free Comic Book Day 2024: Blood Hunt/X-Men #1 & Free Comic Book Day 2024: Ultimate Universe/Spider-Man #1. This giant-sized issue is jam packed with entry points into the biggest comic storylines of the year! Direct lead into the new ULTIMATES series, showcasing the next evolutionary step of the Ultimate Universe with the first appearance of a powerful new hero! The dance of death begins here! The overture to this summer's major crossover event, which also happens to be the bloodiest Marvel event ever - BLOOD HUNT! The future of mutantkind also starts here - as Jubilee learns that you CANNOT go home again! Spider-Man must deal with THE RETURN OF THE GOBLIN!

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