Marvel Age Spider-Man (2004) #18

Marvel Age Spider-Man (2004) #18

Marvel Age Spider-Man (2004) #18

Marvel Age Spider-Man (2004) #18

  • Published

    December 22, 2004

Featuring The HUMAN TORCH!
With much of New York thinking that Spidey is washed up, and worse, a coward, the Wall-Crawler has to put his best web forward to re-establish himself as a hero and crime fighter. But before he can, the Sandman, joining forces with The Enforcers, makes plans for the biggest robbery ever--easier now that there's no Spider-Man around to stop them! But when the Human Torch gets in their way, it's up to Spidey to find and free his fiery pal before the bad guys can get away with the loot!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960605505-01811
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