Paradise X: Heralds (2001) #1

Paradise X: Heralds (2001) #1

Paradise X: Heralds (2001) #1

Paradise X: Heralds (2001) #1

  • Published

    December 01, 2001

To deliver a desperate warning to the Multiverse, the living computer known as X-51 forms a team of champions selected from different realities! Behold the Heralds: Wolverine, resurrected from the Days of Future Past! Deathlok, the Machine Man! Killraven, the Warrior of The Worlds! Bloodstorm, the vampire from MUTANT X! Iron Man 2020, the corrupt nephew of Tony Stark! Hyperion, the last living member of the Squadron Supreme! Spider-Girl, the daughter of Spider-Man! But will this warning come too late? Or not soon enough? What will be the fate of this wild alternate future?

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960605169400111
  • Page Count:23


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