War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #2

War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #2

War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #2

War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #2

  • Published

    August 05, 2009

The royal women take center stage as we spotlight Crystal and Lilandra! When a group of disgruntled Kree launch a series of bombings aimed at the Inhumans Royal Family, Crystal is charged with quelling the violence-but can she bring the guilty to justice without causing civil war? Plus: a flashback story to one of Lilandra's earliest adventures, as the future Empress of the Shi'Ar must face a trial by fire ignited by the Brood! It's two brand new stories that spotlight key players in the War of Kings! Rated T ...$3.99

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  • Format:Comic
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