The Rawhide Kid (2010) #2

The Rawhide Kid (2010) #2

The Rawhide Kid (2010) #2

The Rawhide Kid (2010) #2

  • Published

    July 07, 2010

"TOMBSTONE BLUES," PART 2 The sharpest-dressed sharpshooter in Wild West is back in the saddle again - and this time he's not riding alone! When Wyatt and Morgan Earp are taken hostage by Cristo Pike and his pack of pistoleros, the Rawhide Kid must put together a posse of the greatest western heroes in the Marvel Universe to rescue the Earp brothers and bring Pike to justice: Kid Colt, Doc Holliday, Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid, Red Wolf and The Two-Gun Kid! But before the Sensational Seven faces its High Noon showdown, it's got to get there in one piece - which ain't easy considering this posses' complicated history. Parental Advisory ...$3.99

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960606939-00211
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