Thor: Asgard's Avenger (2010) #1

Thor: Asgard's Avenger (2010) #1

Thor: Asgard's Avenger (2010) #1

Thor: Asgard's Avenger (2010) #1

  • Published

    April 27, 2011

Verily! The ideal companion for the THOR motion picture! Begin quenching thy curiosity of all things Asgardian with this assemblage of all-new Thor-related profiles in the time-honored OHOTMU manner! Learn of foul rogues such as Malekith, Mangog and the fiery Surtur; lovely visions like Jane Foster, Kelda and Karnilla; mystical items including the Norn Stones and the Oversword; and, of course, heroes worthy of song: the new Thunderstrike, Vidar, Volstagg and an update on the noble Thor himself! Plus: the Nine Worlds of Asgard, an Appendix of its citizenry and more! Featuring new art by Gus Vazquez! Truly, a tome worthy of the gods! Miss it not!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960607376-00111
  • FOC Date:April 13, 2011
  • Page Count:36


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