X-Men Unlimited (2004) #13

X-Men Unlimited (2004) #13

X-Men Unlimited (2004) #13

X-Men Unlimited (2004) #13

  • Published

    February 08, 2006


HUGH STEBAKOV - co-writer of the critically acclaimed THE FRESHMAN -- joins MIKE RATERA for a Decimation tie-in featuring Mesmero! The master of manipulation has always had the power to make anyone do anything he wishes - but what happens when he realizes that, for the first time in his life, he is entirely powerless? Now, even just convincing one person to really and truly believe in him may be the only way to prevent his life from completely unraveling...
Then, DAMON HURD and CLAY MANN bring you the story of THE MARVEL...a previously unknown hero of incalculable strength...a hero who has defeated the hordes of Doctor Zivalus, fought off the rabid aliens at the gates of Graystone, and beaten back the evil Zister Twins at the Hour Of Doom... but now that his mutant powers have disappeared, he'll lose more than any other mutant-everything.

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