Captain America (2017) #700

Captain America (2017) #700

Captain America (2017) #700

Captain America (2017) #700

  • Published

    April 11, 2018

CAP IS FINALLY “OUT OF TIME”! Frozen in time, awakened in a decimated future and once again a man out of his era, there is only one way for Steve Rogers to restore order and rebuild civilization—and that’s to rule it as King Captain America! No dream, no hoax, no lie, this IS Cap and this IS happening, believe it or not! PLUS: Mark Waid delivers an untold tale from Captain America’s past, featuring the classic artwork of Jack Kirby!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960608768670011
  • FOC Date:March 19, 2018
  • Price:$5.99
  • Page Count:43

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