Morlocks (2002) #2

Morlocks (2002) #2

Morlocks (2002) #2

Morlocks (2002) #2

  • Published

    July 01, 2002

Throughout the United States, desperate and fearful mutants have banded together in small groups, living under the streets of our largest cities where they remain hidden from detection. They do not want to be heroes or villains...they only want to survive. They've left behind their homes...their jobs...their loved ones. But for the Morlocks, there are still scores to settle! And even as the outcasts say last goodbyes, their fragile alliance begins to fray -- and anti-mutant paranoia leads to the dispatching of Sentinels to Chicago!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960605249300211
  • Page Count:22

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