Damage Control (2022) #3

Damage Control (2022) #3

Damage Control (2022) #3

Damage Control (2022) #3

  • Published

    November 02, 2022

After two disastrous days of office mayhem, Head Intern Bart Rozum decides that he has to find Gus a job outside of the Flatiron Building — so he assigns Gus to the Search and Rescue unit. Bart thinks, if Gus is mostly responding to the scenes of superhuman battles after the fact, how much trouble could he really get in to? Unfortunately, on Gus’ first day with Search and Rescue, the unit is summoned to New Jersey to deal with a giant mutated catfish monster who calls himself Trentonn the Terrible. Adam F. Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff write pithy dialogue while Nathan Stockman adds his visual wizardry to bring you a tale of Catfish Kaiju, Insurance Fraud and Terrigenesis with special appearances from the Black Tarantula, Hammerhead and the God of Thunder himself...the Mighty Thor!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960609838500311
  • FOC Date:September 26, 2022
  • Page Count:24

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