Thor Annual (2021) #1

Thor Annual (2021) #1

Thor Annual (2021) #1

Thor Annual (2021) #1

  • Published

    July 21, 2021

THOR VS. THOR! Thor and the other leaders of the Ten Realms (and, uh, Hawkeye?) have gathered for a World Tree celebration! But the festivities come to an abrupt halt when a mysterious guest — and his otherworldly powers — crashes the party. And his “plus-one” is a dark, twisted version of Thor who is determined to become the iron-fisted ruler of all the realms! ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Part 5 (of 8) of “Infinite Fury”!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960609953500111
  • FOC Date:June 28, 2021
  • Price:$4.99
  • Page Count:35

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