Ultimate Invasion (2023) #1

Ultimate Invasion (2023) #1

Ultimate Invasion (2023) #1

Ultimate Invasion (2023) #1

  • Published

    June 21, 2023

THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE BEGINS! Superstar creators Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch team up! The Illuminati must form once again to stop the Maker from his plans to destroy - or perhaps rebuild - the universe, with Miles Morales at the center of it all! Bryan's work on THE ULTIMATES helped redefine super hero comics for the 2000s - wait until you see what he and Jonathan have in store for this decade! Including new data pages by Jonathan Hickman - plus exclusive behind-the-scenes material on the world-building that has gone into this project!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960620234800111
  • FOC Date:May 08, 2023
  • Page Count:53

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