Spider-Man 2099: Exodus (2022) #5

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus (2022) #5

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus (2022) #5

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus (2022) #5

  • Published

    August 03, 2022

SPIDER-MAN FACES OFF WITH 2099's X-MEN! As SPIDER-MAN races to shut down the CABAL, they show up at the Garden's gate…but the Garden's occupied. At its epicenter is a mutant, somehow fallen from the stars, and the nomadic X-MEN fight to claim the Garden as their new home. Will SPIDER-MAN respect their claim? Or will he try to take the Garden for humans? And even if they can co-exist, what'll Spider-Man and the X-Men do about the CABAL SENTINELS breathing down their necks?

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960620239300511
  • FOC Date:July 04, 2022
  • Page Count:24


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