Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas

Secret operatives and Super Heroes, the Agents of Atlas defend the world using advanced science and sorcery.



A team of Super Heroes and covert operatives, the Agents of Atlas defend humanity and defeat criminal masterminds!


The Greater Good

Born out of the ancient Atlas Foundation, which eventually uses its power and influence for humanity’s greater good, the Agents of Atlas are a group of heroes and covert super-operatives tasked with carrying out their mission. Beginning in the late 1950s, the Agents of Atlas under the leadership of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo include Namora, Gorilla Man, Marvel Boy, Human Robot, and Venus. They face many enemies and rescue President Eisenhower, but shortly afterward, the group disbands.

Though one in their ranks, a de-aged Woo, restarts the group to defend the Pacific Rim from Sindr, the Queen of Cinders and Msupelheim and daughter of Surtur, when she intends to transform Earth into her fiery hellscape. She uses her Fire Goblins and Flames of Msupelheim to attack the Pacific Rim, so Woo recruits a new globe-spanning team of super-powered people to defend the region. These heroes include Shanghai’s Lei Ling, AKA Aero, Pearl Pangan, AKA Wave, and Tūtū Pele, AKA Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Lin Lie, AKA Sword Master, Amadeus Cho, AKA Brawn, the Master of Kung Fu Shang-Chi, Cindy Moon, AKA Silk, Ami Han, AKA White Fox, of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Dan Bi, AKA Crescent, the magic bear Io, and Seol Hee, AKA Luna Snow. Together, they are the Agents of Atlas!

Agents of Atlas

Formation and Field Leadership

Often spearheading the Agents of Atlas, no matter the era, is experienced clandestine special agent Jimmy Woo, who’s also the head of the Atlas Foundation and Headmaster of the Pan Asian School For The Unusually Gifted. While Woo forms both iterations of the team and heads the squad of heroes, he lets the capable Brawn lead the way in the field, despite the young hero’s hesitancy. The other agents don’t listen to Brawn at first but the group grows to trust one another.


Pacific Rim Friends and Foes

In the late 1950s, the team goes up against a host of enemies, such as Yellow Claw, Sentry, Grizzly, Great Wall, and Norman Osborn, AKA Green Goblin. In modern times, the agents face off Sindr, the Queen of Msupelheim and her minions, the Fire Goblins as well as the Flames of Msupelheim to protect the Pacific Rim.

They ally with Derek Khanata, Temujin, Jake Oh, Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and 3-D Man to face off Super Villains, and train with the Monkey King in China to fight back Sindr.

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A Secret History of Super Heroes

One of the most inscrutable, pervasive, and enduring secret societies on Earth, the Atlas Foundation traditionally pursued world domination but currently uses its covert power and influence for humanity’s greater good. Steeped in advanced science and sorcery, the society regards itself as a perpetuation of the ancient Mongol Empire. In each era, they select a new leader as their revered Khan, the most worthy descendant of and rightful successor to legendary 13th Century warlord Temujin, AKA Genghis Khan. Their most sacred talisman is the Spirit Banner of Temujin, woven from the hair of Temujin’s loyal horse. Only the true Khan can pluck the Banner from its flaming resting place, confirming his worthiness as their leader. As he grows ancient, each Khan seeks a successor.

The immortal Lung Dragon called Mr. Lao has served as royal advisor to each Khan for generations—and when a new Khan is acclaimed as ruler, Lao ceremonially devours the previous Khan. Over 700 years ago, Lao fought a mighty genie in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, inspiring the current name of the Mongols’ secret society. Lao usurped the genie’s magical power but also took the genie’s place inside his lamp, trapped for 600 years. In the late 19th Century, the society mounted a rescue mission led by that era’s Khan, Plan Tzu, aka Master Plan. Aided by master sorcerer the Ancient One, Plan freed Lao. During the mission, a beautiful, hypnotic-voiced naiad (siren) nearly destroyed Plan’s entire crew by luring them to a sea monster, but the Ancient One neutralized the naiad by endowing her with human consciousness. Now aware of her monstrous nature, the repentant naiad changed her ways and later became humanity’s defender in the 1950s as the adventurer Venus. Also, during the 1950s, Lao (in human guise) helped cause soldier of fortune Ken Hale’s mystical transformation into the Gorilla Man, and the Atlas Foundation commissioned the creation of unique mechanoid M-11, the Human Robot.

Plan had long since selected his potential successor, Woo Yen Jet; however, Jet’s parents wanted no part of Khan’s legacy and fled to America, encouraging their son to pursue law enforcement. Renamed Jimmy Woo, Jet became one of the top West Coast FBI agents. Secretly monitoring Woo, the Atlas Foundation decided to help him advance his career and hone his skills by creating a super-menace for Woo to defeat. Playing on 1950s America’s anti-communist fears and thinly veiled racism, Plan adopted a new identity as Chinese criminal mastermind the Golden Claw, known derisively in the USA as the Yellow Claw. Wearing Lao’s clawed crest as his emblem, the Claw clashed with Woo repeatedly.

In the spring of 1958, the Claw kidnapped United States President Eisenhower. Authorized to assemble a special rescue team, Woo reviewed his files on active super-beings and instinctively selected a roster that came to him in a dream. The dream team included Gorilla Man (whom Jann of the Jungle located at Woo’s request), Venus, futuristic adventurer Bob Grayson, AKA Marvel Boy, and aquatic heroine Namora. Namora declined to join the mission but found a replacement by helping Woo salvage the lost Human Robot. Meshing smoothly as a team, Woo’s “G-Men” rescued Eisenhower and accomplished various other missions, repeatedly clashing with Atlas Foundation agents and pawns, such as the mutated canine cosmonaut Laika; however, U.S. authorities ultimately decided the world was not ready for such bizarre heroes and disbanded the group, declaring their missions classified. Atlas secretly reclaimed and progressively upgraded Human Robot.

Promoted to an obscure FBI desk job, Woo eventually transferred to elite intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to assist them against the Claw (actually a robot imposter), but ultimately wound up doing administrative work there as well. Craving action, the aging Woo recently renewed his investigations of the Atlas Foundation alongside a team of rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but his team was killed and Woo himself nearly slain while invading the Temple of Atlas. Kept alive by Plan and his men until help arrived, Woo was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and maintained on life support. Urged on by Plan, Human Robot recruited Hale and Grayson to liberate Woo and rejuvenate him using Uranian science. Tracking down the fugitives, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Derek Khanata proved unable to restrain them and soon began to assist them in exchange for letting S.H.I.E.L.D. monitor their activity through him. Khanata helped Woo’s team locate the missing Venus, and Human Robot found and revived the supposedly long-dead Namora, who joined Woo’s group. The heroes subsequently exposed and shut down many subversive Atlas operations operating under various legitimate business fronts, finally invading the Temple of Atlas itself.

The heroes confronted Master Plan and Mr. Lao, who revealed Woo’s true heritage and the Atlas Foundation’s plans for him. Seeing a chance to use the Atlas Foundation’s immense resources for good, Woo accepted his new post as Khan of the Eternal Empire and CEO of the Atlas Foundation with the blessing of Plan, whom Lao promptly consumed. Allowing the world to believe them slain by the Claw, Jimmy Woo’s heroic team has remained together as the core Agents of Atlas, the foundation’s primary covert super-operatives. Derek Khanata has concealed their continued existence from his S.H.I.E.L.D. superiors, though Namora has since been publicly active.

Agents of Atlas/Spider-Man

The agents then teamed up with Spider-Man to fend off a rogue faction of the Atlas Foundation, who continued their criminal endeavors. They stopped the faction by destroying their power source at Rockefeller Center. To remain a secret team of Super Heroes, Marvey Boy wiped everyone’s memory of the event, save his team, and including Spider-Man’s.

When the Skrulls invaded Earth, Namora slayed Super-Skrull but was soon captured afterward. Gorilla Man and Human Robot rescued her and returned to Marvel Boy’s ship with a Skrull hostage. Marvel Boy dissected the hostage and learned the secrets of the Skrull invasion. Soon after, the Skrulls attacked their ship, and the agents defended themselves. Woo implored Venus to kill the attackers with her powers, though she resists and Marvel Boy defends the Skrulls, saying they wanted the humans and Skrulls to live together. Though Woo defended humanity and convinced his other agent, Human Robot, to wipe out their attackers.

During the invasion, the Atlas Foundation halted the Skrulls’ invasion mayhem on the West Coast. Woo’s team also posed as Agents of the Atlas Empire, using Plan Chu’s reputation to give them clout, and they stole gold from Fort Knox—gold that Norman Osborn, had intended to use for a weapons program. The agents then tricked Osborn and offered to build him a weapons factory, but also ended up on the wrong side of Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, and James Barnes, AKA Bucky Barnes (now Winter Soldier). The team, deemed not useful any longer by J. Edgar Hoover, disbanded.

During the War of the Realms, Woo gathered a new group of heroes to fight against the attacks against the Pacific Rim region of the world. The group struggled to find its team captain with Brawn and Ms. Marvel bickering over tactics. Ms. Marvel left the team to fight other battles, while Brawn became the de facto leader. When Sindr attacked Seoul, South Korea, White Fox fought alongside Luna Snow, Crescent, and Io to keep Sindr’s forces at bay. Though when Brawn arrived, they fought him off thinking him an enemy, until he teleported all of them, except the captured Snow, to a safe location where they met the rest of Woo’s new Agents of Atlas. There, they met the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi, Silk, and Woo as well.

New Agents of Atlas

After encouragement from Woo to work together, they successfully liberated Snow from Sindr’s Goblins of Msupelheim. They all then met up with other agents, Sword Master, Aero, Wave, and Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. They formulated a plan to defeat Sindr and her forces and leveraged half the team’s mystical power to help win the battle. The mystically-inclined trained with the Monkey King in China, and after a fierce battle using their combined skills as Super Heroes, they sent Sindr and her minions back to Msupelheim.

Later, when the visionary Isaac Ikeda, AKA Protector, created the cross-Asian portal city of Pan, it created a multicultural dreamworld but also violated hundreds of local and international laws, and attracted monsters and maniacs. The agents protected the city, and its people and Raz Malhotra, AKA Giant-Man, joined the team.

Meet the New Agents of Atlas
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Meet the New Agents of Atlas
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