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The Anachronauts were an army of warriors gathered from different eras and alternate realities, each of them a powerful warrior who was bested in combat by Kang the Conqueror. He then extracted their allegiance to serve as his personal guard. Known chief members of the Anachronauts included: Apocryphus, son of Sersi the Eternal from an alternate future; Deathunt 9000, a cybernetic warrior from an alternate 21st century, possibly Earth-928; Raa of the caves, a caveman possessing a fragment of the Bloodgem, which granted him superhuman abilities; Sir Raston, nephew of Sir Percy of Scandia and inheritor of the Ebony Blade and mantle of the Black Knight in the 6th century; Ssith, one of the Serpent Men who served Set the Elder God over 12,000 years ago; Tyndar, an ancient Trojan warrior granted near-invulnerability from bathing in the River Styx; and Wildrun, the 18th century mortal champion of the Native American spirit Owayodata and bearer of the Red Wolf identity. These Anachronauts were sometimes assisted by an army of soldiers recruited by Kang (such as Strike Fireteam Decimal Four), and were usually based in Kang's city Chronopolis, which existed in an infinite number of eras and realities simultaneously.

When the Avengers and Fantastic Four brought Kang's former lover Ravonna to Chronopolis, the Anachronauts were dispatched to deal with them, and won the battle when the Avengers surrendered. Kang himself was badly wounded by Thor (Eric Masterson), and Ravonna took his place to rule Chronopolis, gaining control of the Anachronauts. When the time-traveling Incinerator robots of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) attempted to steal the Starstone from which the Ebony Blade was carved, the Anachronauts and Ravonna teamed with the TVA's Professor Alphonse Gamble to recover the Starstone before a temporal paradox could form.

Later, Kang's counterpart Immortus assumed Kang's form and tricked several of the Anachronauts into assisting him in a plot to occupy the Avengers' attention, the linchpin of which was brainwashing Iron Man (Tony Stark) to serve as his assassin. Apocryphus stood guard over a temporal weapon in Vietnam, but was defeated by members of Force Works. When the Avengers were close to revealing Iron Man's involvement, Deathunt 9000 was sent to deal with War Machine, the Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the U.S. Agent, but War Machine defeated him.

After this, Kang reasserted his control over the Anachronauts and Chronopolis, but he soon faced an assault by Immortus' forces. Most of the remaining Anachronauts were struck by time-twisting technology, reducing them to temporal shadows. Chronopolis itself was destroyed by Immortus a short time later. It remains unclear whether any of the Anachronauts are truly deceased, given Kang's ability to alter time and obtain alternate counterparts of his forces.

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