Published July 31, 2017

Follow the History of Kang Pt. 5

Learn more about the Conqueror's family & friends.

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Since the early days of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Kang the Conqueror has agitated the Avengers and then some with his mastery of multiple eras and desire to add the Marvel Universe to his empire. On November 14, the time tyrant takes on a new role as central antagonist in the “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” creating a campaign that crisscrosses all reality and space.

Before you play the game, discover the story behind this agent of chronological chaos with the History of Kang!

When examining what may only loosely be called the “history” of a time-traveling being such as Kang the Conqueror, it’s inevitable that questions of family and friends will arise. But where Kang’s concerned, such questions become complicated. To quantify personal relationships when one’s timeline loops back and forth on itself might just be the path to madness.

A very personal relationship of the time-despot’s came back to bite him when he enacted a new plan to rule time by building a phalanx of time-plucked titans he dubbed the Anachronauts and set them against the combined might of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Ravonna, his beloved princess from the future, appeared to him as Terminatrix and revealed her lust for revenge upon him for past injustices. It seemed battle between the two formerly amorous acquaintances fell into the realm of certainty, until Ravonna witnessed Kang fall from a blow from Thor’s mighty hammer and she swept him away to safety when old feelings for him returned.

Ravonna placed the badly wounded Kang into stasis to heal, but when her subsequent scheme to run his empire crumbled under an attack by a being known as Alioth, she summoned the Avengers to aid her. When she also revived Kang, the time-master felt he’d no choice but to once again ally himself with Earth’s Mightiest heroes, but, with the clever soul he possesses, allowed Alioth to wipe out the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, his sworn enemies.

Not long after the event, as we chronal-stuck entities measure time, Kang once again entered into conflict with Immortus, his future-self, and also with the Time-Keepers. When that group tried to force Kang to evolve into Immortus once and for all, a backlash of energy split the two into actual separate beings, setting even more strife between them into motion.

Later, a fully revived Kang mounted the grandest campaign against the Earth he’d ever attempted. With the Scarlet Centurion, a young man he claimed as his son Marcus, the time-despot landed on Earth and proclaimed that he needed to conquer the planet in order to protect it from dire happenings in its near future. The Avengers of course opposed Kang, but fell after immense battles between the Conqueror’s massive forces and Earth’s meager-by-comparison defenses.

As these things happen, a resistance movement arose when Kang erected internment camps across the globe and tightened his grip upon the populace and its heroes alike. In the end, Marcus moved to betray his father and Kang’s defeat came by personal combat between him and Captain America. Marcus rescued Kang from further humiliation, but the defeated Conqueror killed the Scarlet Centurion and reflected that loyal clones seemed to remain out of his grasp.

To rub further salt into Kang’s deep wounds from family and friends, his younger self, not yet on the path to becoming the Conqueror, learned his fate and stole a set of armor to land in the present day and become the hero Iron Lad. When Kang confronted the wayward youth, Iron Lad killed his future image and, realizing his mistake, forced himself to become the very man he feared he’d become.