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Crossfire's Mind Control Gang



Crossfire's gang began in the United States "supermax" prison known as the Vault. There, gangs formed into cliques based on their modus operandi; Crossfire's group were all criminals whose powers and abilities involved some form of mind-control. Rozalyn Backus, a program administrator at the Vault who, unbeknownst to her superiors was formerly involved with William Cross, devised a plan to rob the inmate known as Vector by posing as a guard willing to accept a bribe to help him, the other members of the U-Foes, and Crossfire's gang break out of the prison. After gaining the information about Vector's bank accounts, she made it appear as if Crossfire had betrayed their attempt by informing the prison administration, then staged her death in a car accident. The accusations of betrayal turned Crossfire's gang and the U-Foes against each other.

Both the U-Foes and the members of Crossfire's gang were later transferred to the new super-prison known as the Raft. When Electro triggered a mass breakout with his attack on the facility, Crossfire rounded up the members of his group and escaped using a small submarine reserved for the prison administrators. Aware of Backus's involvement, he sought to track her down in order to discover the whereabouts of a device that Vector has financed which could de-power people with superhuman abilities. At the same time, his gang engaged in a running battle with the U-Foes, who were also searching New York City for Backus. By following the radiation emitted by the U-Foe known as X-Ray, the Controller and Mister Fear located the U-Foes in a basement apartment on the Lower East Side, and set up an ambush using armed civilians under the Controller's influence. The battle attracted the attention of Spider-Man, who interrupted the ambush and captured Mister Fear.

Next, the gang followed the U-Foes to the midtown Manhattan offices of Courtland Whitehead, a former employee of Vector's whom the U-Foes contacted to trace Backus by following the money trail. While the U-Foes went to a fake residence discovered by Whitehead, Crossfire discovered Backus's true location at Haven House, a charitable project for single mothers that she set up using the funds stolen from Vector. Leaving the Corruptor to finish off Whitehead and the members of his staff, Crossfire's gang went to Haven House and, after taking control of the residents, located Backus in the apartment where she was staying as the building superintendent. When Crossfire and the Controller broke in, they found her with Spider-Man, who had also tracked her down using his underworld contacts.

Seizing control of both Backus and Spider-Man, his interrogation was interrupted by the arrival of the U-Foes, who had gone back to Whitehead's offices and discovered Backus's true whereabouts. Vector knocked Crossfire unconscious, while the Controller and Mandrill were immobilized by X-Ray. While the U-Foes fought Spider-Man and his fellow Avengers Captain America and Iron Man, Vector demolished Haven House in revenge for Backus's destruction of his de-powering device. The U-Foes then escaped, leaving Crossfire and the rest of his gang (with the exception of the Corruptor) to be taken back into custody by the authorities

Base of Operations
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