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Earth Force was born when three individuals from three separate lives were fighting for their lives while inside the same New York hospital. The Heliopolitan death god, Seth, brought these mortals to his realm and bestowed upon them the sign of Aton. This special mark gave them incredible powers and they were told they were to be “a force to protect and preserve the Earth.” However, this power was to come at a price. Earth Force was ordered to kill the Asgardian, Hogun, who also happened to be in the same hospital as they were after he was seriously injured in a fight with Daredevil and the police. When Earth Force returned to the hospital, they clashed with Thor who was protecting his fellow Asgardian. Even though Earth Force had Thor beat, Earth Lord and Wind Warrior felt that they should reevaluate their actions and decided to leave taking a belligerent Skyhawk with them.

Earth Force returned and asked Thor for redemption because they realized that Seth was evil and merely using them to serve his foul plans. Thor agreed and together they fought the armies of Seth for the liberation of Asgard and the defense of all life everywhere. Earth Force confronted their manipulator, and even though they tried their best, Seth was just too powerful for them and he left the three individuals at death’s door once more. After Seth’s ultimate defeat, the Gods of Heliopolis restored the lives of Earth Force and returned them to their hospital beds mere moments after they were kidnapped by Seth. Earth Lord noticed that he still had the glowing sign of Aton in his hand and presumed that Wind Warrior and Skyhawk retained the mark as well.

Earth Force had not been seen until a confrontation between Bloodaxe and Doctor Strange was brought to the attention of police and special task force, Code: Blue. Kyle Brock was among the police officers at the scene, and when no one was looking, he transformed into Earth Lord once more. He sent a silent signal to the other members of Earth Force, and together with Code Blue, the two teams along with Doctor Strange were able to stop Bloodaxe before any serious damage was done.

Following the registration-initiated "Civil War," Skyhawk was apparently assigned to work in Washington state as part of the 50 State initiative. Whether the other two members of Earth Force were assigned there with him is unrevealed.

Base of Operations
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