Gamora, rumored to have been humiliated by the great powers of the universe, had chosen the world of Godthab Omega to be her new hideaway. She wanted complete seclusion and journeyed to one of the most inhospitable mountains ranges to make her home in Mount Virago. As other cosmically aware female warriors descended on the planet, Gamora chose to band together with them and form her Graces. Together, they slowly began to take over Godthab Omega’s settlements in Gamora’s name, now that they viewed her as a living goddess. However, there was one settlement which would not concede to the takeover which this left them under constant threat of attack. This community was inhabited by the remnants of the Kree Starforce including Korath the Pursuer.

On the run from the Kree empire after being branded a traitor, Ronan was inexplicably drawn to Godthab Omega and eventually found his old ally who asked for his help in defending this small area. Ronan, only interested in clearing his name, initially refused but changed his mind after being attacked by Stellaris and Nebula, two of Gamora’s Graces. Ronan defeated them and went on to challenge Gamora herself, but when Annihilus had his armies assault the planet, these two forces joined together to defeat their common enemy.

Gamora and her Graces served with the rest of the allied forces under the leadership of Nova against the Annihilation Wave. With Annihilus defeated, it has yet to be revealed if the Graces will call on each other in future times of need.

Base of Operations
  • Base of Operations

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