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Korath-Thak is a brilliant cyber-geneticist who was one of the creators of the Pursuer project, creating an energy template that could transform any matter it touched into a form it could use to pursue and subdue its intended targets. The first use of the template was at the instigation of the Kree science council to bring the Inhumans of Earth to Hala to serve as conscripts in the Kree army. This action would insight the conflict that has come to be known as the "War of Three Galaxies." The template was beamed to Earth but instead of hitting stones or metal as hoped, it hit and transformed cockroaches. In this form the Pursuer defeated the Inhumans Royal family; (Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, and Triton) until the Kree defector Falzon used an insecticide to stop the template.

Years later the Pursuer project was canceled by Kree leaders Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn because they felt that their money was being wasted on a frivolous project. Bitter at their decision, Korath turned the template on himself, transforming him into a new Pursuer. He was secretly summoned by the Supreme Intelligence, he joined with the last Kree Eternal Ultimus, armored kree Shatterax, Captain Att-Lass, and Doctor Minn-Erva, as the Kree super army Starforce. Their first mission was to capture the Avengers. The Avengers were allegedly on Hala to kill Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn, who were killed by the Shi'ar Deathbird instead. The Starforce was sent to assassinate the Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra in retaliation, but were stopped by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and a second team of Avengers.

After the Nega bomb decimated the Kree, Starforce was forced to serve the new Shi'ar Deathbird as her personal guard on Hala. Pursuing the Armechadon Deviant Lord Tantalus they joined forces with Blackwulf and the Underground Legion. The Supreme Intelligence soon regained control of the Kree Empire from the Shi'ar. Korath and some of the other members of the Starforce were considered to be defectors and exiled by the emerging Nu-Elite. The former Starfoce members found refuge on the backwater world of Godthab Omega. They lived in peace there with the other exile members of their race. They kept up with current events of the Kree Empire through primitive communication with sympathizers on various Kree hub worlds.

Recently the newly exiled Ronan the Accuser (also a former member of the Starforce) found his way to Godthab Omega in search of the Rigellian, Tana Nile. Korath informs Ronan that Tana Nile was last seen with Gamora as one of her Graces. Gamora battled Ronan in defense of Tana Nile. After the battle Ronan informed Korath that he sensed something was off on the planet. Korath agreed with him, but before they could investigate the planet was over run with the bug soldiers of Annihilus. They came to be known as the Annihilation Wave. Ronan noticed while in battle that he had gained more control of his powers upon the waves arrival. Korath and Ronan managed to return to their ship where they herd the apprentice Shaper of Worlds, Glorian. He yelled out that, he had the power to destroy the wave. Ronan led the survivors of Godthab Omega to Kree space where they joined the resistance led by Richard Rider, Nova of Earth.

During the invasion of the Kree Empire by the techno-organic race known as the Phalanx, Korath was assimilated in to their collective and made a Select. Now that he was basically a super soldier for the Phalanx he was sent on a mission to capture the supposed savior of the Kree race. The savior was revealed to be Adam Warlock. Korath failed to capture Warlock due to the interference of Phyla-Vell and Moondragon. On Hala in Phalanx command center, Kroath was destroyed by Ultron in front of Shatterax and Xemnu the Titian.




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