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Hellions (Emplate)

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The History of the Hellions

Pair this week's exceptional 'X of Swords' Chapter 6 with a look at every team of Hellions!



Seeking to recover his slave, Penance (Monet St. Croix), from the custody of Generation X, but finding the group more than he could handle alone, the vampiric mutant Emplate gathered a group of enslaved mutants, retrospectively referred to as his Hellions, to assist him. Bulwark, a German mutant, could bulk up to a muscular, superhumanly strong form; Vincente assumed a poisonous, gaseous form; Murmur was an agile, soft-spoken individual, wrapped in bandages and infected with Emplate’s hunger for mutant energies; D.O.A. was a midget with undisclosed abilities; and Lady Gayle Edgerton, the only human in the group, whom Emplate gave energy-draining powers akin to his own, was a former lover of Generation X’s Chamber. Their first assault was repelled by Generation X and Cable, but they attacked again several months later, with Murmur, Edgerton and Bulwark replaced by Wrap, another bandaged individual seemingly possessed of superhuman strength, and an unidentified female who commanded “Ebon Energy”. Soundly defeated once more, the group has not been seen together since.
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