Knights of Pendragon



Since the days of King Arthur, and possibly earlier, the mystical Green Knight has granted Pendragon spirit-power to certain individuals in times of great need. In recent times the Pendragon of Sir Gawain possessed policeman Dai Thomas. Dai, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) and journalist Kate McClellan encountered the Green Knight, who was weakening due to mankind's environmental abuse. Dai sacrificed his power to bolster the Knight's failing strength. Shortly after, a Pendragon possessed Kate McClellan's son Cam, who fell into the clutches of the Bane, the Pendragons' arch foes led by Grace. Cam's teacher, Peter Hunter, formerly the Merlin Pendragon-powered hero Albion, gathered several Pendragons to fight the Bane: Union Jack (Lancelot), Kate McClellan (Guinevere), and author Ben Gallagher (Percival). Aided by Captain Britain, Iron Man (Tony Stark), and the Green Knight, the Pendragons prevented an attempted resurrection of Bane demi-god, the Red Lord (Bodb Derg), saved the Spanish town of Joselito from toxic devastation, and seemingly defeated Grace. Peter took the spirit from Cam, regaining his former powers.

The Knights of Pendragon set up a base of operations at Camelaird farm in Wiltshire with assistance from Tony Stark. Union Jack, Kate, and Ben fought Bane ivory poachers in Wakanda with help from the Black Panther, Mister Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman. The Bane conspired to separate the team, and picked the Pendragons off one by one. With Ben and Union Jack dead, and the Black Panther hospitalized, Albion was then executed as part of a ceremony to resurrect the Red Lord. Adam Crown (King Arthur) sensed their deaths and traveled to Avalon. The Green Knight resurrected all the dead Pendragons, as Adam summoned every Pendragon past or present, including the Black Panther, Captain Britain, Dai Thomas, and Iron Man, in order to fight the Bane's army. Adam drove the Bane spirit out of Grace, forcing the enemy to withdraw. Ben Gallagher died in combat, prompting Kate to leave the team and finish Ben's book.

Fortunately, the team gained three new Pendragons: former Bane leader Grace (Morgause), the robotic Sir Gawain, and former Mys-Tech operative Breeze James (Guinevere). In doing so they made an enemy of Magpie, who tried to capture Gawain. However, his attempt failed and Gawain went on to prove himself a worthy member of the team when he single-handedly prevented the Bane's attack upon a nuclear reactor in Cape Wrath, Northern Scotland. During an adventure with Spider-Man and the Warheads, the Pendragons hurled a bomb into interdimensional space in order to prevent the devastation of the planet Arakne. Unbeknownst to them it fell through a dimensional portal to Earth-313 and ravaged that planet's environment.

Returned to their own Earth, the Knights had various other adventures, fighting the evils of Baron Blood, Mys-Tech, and Shadow Wing, but their actions would come back to haunt them. The Lemurians of Earth-313 recruited Death's Head and Magpie in an attempt to get revenge on the Knights, but Magpie had a secret agenda: to summon the Red Lord. Death's Head defeated Magpie, and Adam Crown drove the Red Lord back into his own realm, becoming trapped with him. Albion, Breeze and Gawain traveled to Earth-313 to help rebuild the planet, leaving only Grace and Union Jack to defend their home planet. Albion has since fought Mys-Tech alongside the Dark Guard, and Union Jack has recently moved on to the new Invaders.

Base of Operations
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