Lady Killers

Lady Killers

Hired assassins T and A form the fierce mercenary duo known as the Lady Killers.




T and Clair Moore, AKA A, are the Lady Killers, a mercenary duo that isn’t afraid of the latest fashion nor an opportune fight. Together, they get paid to cause trouble and sometimes they just cause trouble.


Mercenaries for Hire

T and A are twins who lose their father at a young age to what seems like an assassination. T and A grow up to become assassins, mercenaries for hire, and work for Mister X who gives them jobs and targets to test or take out.


Fierce Friends

While T and A are sometimes impatient with each other, they will protect one another at all costs. They work closely side by side and rather effectively to take down nearly impossible targets at the behest of their employer, Mister X. They also work with his bodyguard, Blok.


Feral Foe

T and A go up against James Howlett/Logan, AKA Wolverine, at her employer’s, Mister X, request. The work with Mister X’s bodyguard Blok to test Wolverine and see if he’s the best there is at what he does.


Killer Allies

The Lady Killers work alongside Blok, bodyguard to their boss man, Mister X, who gives them orders and is a psychotic, albeit well dressed, killer.


Lady Killers Spree

When T and A try to get into a club—where they previously caused some raucous that led to lawsuits—the bouncer put his hands on A leading T to defend her. T beat the bouncer into the ground with her fists while A received a call from their employer, Mister X, via an operative called The Major. A grabbed T and they hopped in their yellow sports car, with a license plate “T N A”, and drove towards Mister X’s test subject: Wolverine.

There, they are assisted by Mister X’s bodyguard, the mute Blok, and engaged Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat, employing as many weapons as they had on them to test Wolverine’s battle capabilities. During the fight, Blok accidentally knocked out A. T, protective of her partner in crime, took out her full rage on Wolverine, breaking her arm in the process.

Though A, T, and Blok suffered defeat, A encountered Wolverine later at their boss’s warehouse where they watched Mister X battle the feral X-Man and subsequently defeat him.

A contained and gagged Wolverine, but removed the gag per Mister X’s request—she thought the gag would be funny. When she removed it, Wolverine bit her and she shoved a gun in his mouth to show him who was boss. Mister X demanded she end her fun and games, and she claimed she was just kidding.

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