A (Lady Killers)

Clair MooreA

The assassin known as “A” is deceptively deadly with a dark humor that doesn’t always amuse her employers.



Clair Moore, known as “A”, is one half of the mercenary duo known as the Lady Killers. Though a hired assassin, she boasts a bubbly demeanor and a dark sense of humor.


Mercenary for Hire

Hired assassin Clair Moore, AKA A, is a partners with fellow mercenary T and together they are the Lady Killers. When they get a job, they drop everything, even if it means missing a night out at the club.


Assassin Extraordinaire

A is hired for her highly capable skills as an assassin. She employs several weapons including a whip, Sai, hand guns, and knives which she keeps tucked away in her handbag. She is also skilled at gymnastics.



A goes up against James Howlett/Logan, AKA Wolverine, at her employer’s, Mister X, request and it proves to be a difficult task. With the help of her partner T and Mister X’s bodyguard Blok, she survives the encounter unscathed while T breaks an arm.



A allies with her partner T and they form the Lady Killers, a mercenary duo for hire. Their employer is Mister X whose bodyguard Blok, a mute, assists them on their missions.


Assassin’s Ledger

When A gets a job from her employer, an operative named The Major via Mister X, she grabs her partner T and they head to Mister X’s test subject: the X-Man Wolverine. They were assisted by Mister X’s bodyguard, the mute Blok, and engaged Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat employing as many weapons as they had on them to test Wolverine’s battle capabilities. During the battle, A is knocked out accidentally by Blok.

Though A, T and Blok were defeated, A encountered Wolverine later at their boss’s warehouse where they watched Mister X battle the feral X-Man and subsequently defeat him.

Contained, and gagged by A, A removes the gag per Mister X’s request—she thought the gag would be funny. When she removed it, Wolverine bit her and she shoved a gun in his mouth. Mister X demanded she end her fun and games, and she claimed she was just kidding.













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