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The History of the Hellions

Pair this week's exceptional 'X of Swords' Chapter 6 with a look at every team of Hellions!



Christopher Aaronson, a.k.a. King Bedlam, formed the New Hellions, naming them in honor of the mostly deceased team he had once nearly joined, gathering together his lover Tarot, a former Hellion now able to assume the aspect of the characters inscribed on her deck of Tarot cards; Devon Alomar, a.k.a. Switch, who swapped bodies with others at will; former New Mutant/Hellion Magma, who controlled molten lava and had become disaffected from heroic endeavors after being led to believe her Nova Roman origins were a lie; Feral, one-time X-Force member, animalistic mutant, and cold blooded murderer; and Paradigm, a technokinetic raised in a Hong Kong lab. Deliberately infected with the alien Phalanx virus, Paradigm had used his powers to retain control and escape captivity, but lost his humanity, becoming a hybrid obsessed with evolving to stay alive.

The New Hellions stole the Armageddon Man, a mutant kept on ice since the 1950s, possessing uncontrollable and immensely destructive powers, intending to use him to blackmail the United States. X-Force, including Tarot’s former teammate Proudstar and King Bedlam’s younger brother, Jesse Aaronson (Bedlam), disrupted this plan, and the New Hellions fled. Though Proudstar tried to convince her to stay, Tarot felt she owed Christopher her life and went with him. Paradigm decided the New Hellions would not be able to help him achieve his next stage of existence and left for parts unknown. With Magma later coming to her senses, and Feral and King Bedlam both reported as depowered in the wake of House of M|M-Day, it seems likely the New Hellions have disbanded.

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