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The Comic Book History of the Mutant-Hating Purifiers

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The Dark Sisterhood began ages ago when women born with unusual powers and began banding together for protection. They were first thought to be witches, although, later they adopted the name of the Dark Sisterhood, which was originally in defiance of their persecutors. They sought power to save themselves from death and torture, but over time, their goals became twisted. They sought not just to be equal, but also to rule. They accepted the task to replace a corrupt system with their own. Today, the Sisterhood uses their mutant psychic abilities to manipulate crucial figures in every level of society - from huge crime cartels to renegade police officers, corporate CEO's, and even heads of state, with the attentions to further their goal of global domination.

Cable stopped the Dark Sisterhood from installing one of their own members as the next President of the United States. During the final battle with Finality, Cable manipulated her mind, and the minds of the remaining Dark Sisterhood, leaving them all in an infant mental state.

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