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The Comic Book History of the Mutant-Hating Purifiers

Reverend William Stryker and his followers have made hunting down mutants their mission.



When Reverend William Stryker began a crusade to rid the world of mutants, he enlisted the aide of trusted followers. Called the “Purifiers”, this group soon became Stryker’s strikeforce against mutant population when he was unable to obtain his goals through televangelism speeches. However, this group of Purifiers disbanded soon after Stryker had been arrested.

Escaped from prison and filled with doubt, Stryker had planned on committing suicide. Deciding to do it within a church, he instead found the Nimrod Sentinel. Believing it to be a sign from God, Stryker used its technology to view into the future. Discovering that an event that would wipe out nearly all of the mutant population would eventually take place, Stryker believe that it was still not enough and all mutants must be purged from the world’s existence. Continuing to use the technology of Nimrod, Stryker viewed into the future, finding those he believed he could persuade to join his cause, who would have normally died, but he intervened and saved them. Telling them that it was the will of God that they live and do Stryker’s work. A new group of Purifiers were soon created.

Gaining the trust of Icarus, who had wanted to be a mutant who became depowered, but was not, Stryker convinced him to inform him of information pertaining to transportation of empowered mutants away Xavier Institute by telling him he was going to save them. The Purifier’s launched an attack on the buses, killing all forty-two students on board. Icarus confronted Stryker about what had transpired, but was killed soon by Stryker. Continuing his assault on the New X-Men, targeting the students classified as Omega threat first in order to launch a direct attack against them later. Under the orders of Stryker, the Purifiers assassinated Wallflower before launching a final assault upon Xavier's Institute. The attack relentless, leaving some members injured and Quill dead. The battle ended when Elixir used his powers in a reverse state on Stryker, killing him. Once Stryker had fallen, the Purifiers fled and regrouped under fellow member Matthew Risman, who had now replaced Stryker as leader.

The Purifiers have since found the Predator X creature that Stryker had the Facility, an agency that created X-23, genetically engineer to be developed into a weapon to hunt and kill mutants. They currently have plans to use it against mutantkind.

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