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The History of the X-Men: NEW X-MEN | Seminal Moments: Part 4

Writers and editors at Marvel look back at Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's definitive X-Men run with 2001's NEW X-MEN.


X-Men Seminal Moments: Al Ewing Takes a Look Back at ‘New X-Men’ Page

As we prepare for the next X-Event, Ewing celebrates Grant Morrison’s seminal run on ‘New X-Men.’


First Appearances: Cassandra Nova

See the early days of the mental megalomaniac Cassandra Nova as she terrorizes Jean Grey in this week's X-Men Red #11!



Internet-addicted youths linked through a single encrypted message board site directed them to live out their first-person shooter fantasies. When deployed against the mercenary, Taskmaster, the Trenchcoat Mafia was not adequately prepared for an opponent of his skill level and defeated.
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