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Possibly suffering from ionic energy destabilization that apparently resulted in mental instability, former Avenger Wonder Man blamed the team for the Avenger Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)'s mental breakdown and ensuing reality manipulations, the super hero Civil War, the alien Skrulls' invasion of Earth and corrupt tycoon Norman Osborn's rise to power as director of America's superhuman affairs. Williams further believed the Avengers were responsible for the atrocities committed by Avenger Hank Pym's rebellious robot creation Ultron and for not stopping former Avenger Hulk (Bruce Banner)'s destructive rampages. After Osborn was removed from power, Williams declined an offer from new superhuman operations director (and former Captain America) Steve Rogers to rejoin the Avengers and threatened Rogers not to re-form the team; Rogers, however, ignored Williams and reorganized several Avengers groups. As Iron Man (Tony Stark)'s Avengers were preparing for a mission to repair the timestream, Williams attacked them in Avengers Tower, inadvertently destroying a time machine that nearly caused world devastation. The Protector (Noh-Varr) rebuilt the device, allowing the Avengers to restore the timestream. Iron Man and Thor later found Williams and offered a peaceful solution to his grievances, but Williams remained adamant in demanding the Avengers be shut down. Deciding to be proactive, Williams assembled a team of powerful heroes to destroy the Avengers.

Among those gathered was Anti-Venom, formerly Spider-Man (Peter Parker)'s foe Venom, who agreed the Avengers do more harm than good; the size-changing, super-strong and durable former Thunderbolt and Avengers foe Atlas, who begrudged the Avengers for rejecting his numerous requests to join the superhuman 50 State Initiative program; the multi-powered Captain Ultra, who served with the Initiative but resented feeling constantly disrespected despite having as much power as any Avenger; time/space traveling extraterrestrial Century, who partially blamed himself for Williams' death while Williams served with Force Works and wanted to make amends, in spite of Williams being resurrected some time after; the super-strong but brain-damaged D-Man, who was convinced a cosmic Gamemaster wanted him to retrieve the seven nigh-omnipotent Infinity Gems secretly safeguarded by various Avengers and their allies; psychically powered occult warrior and dimensional traveler Devil-Slayer, who thought a reality without the Avengers would "put him on the winning side of life"; the former hero and Earth-raised, shape changing Skrull orphan Ethan Edwards (aka Virtue), who sought revenge for all Skrulls killed during their failed invasion; and size-changing Goliath, who blamed the Avengers for the previous Goliath (his uncle Bill)'s death during the super hero Civil War.

The Revengers first targeted Luke Cage's team of Avengers but waited until team nanny Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) left Avengers Mansion with Cage's infant daughter Danielle before attacking. The Avengers and team liaison Victoria Hand were taken by surprise when Atlas charged through the Mansion's wall, but rallied quickly to counter-attack. Though the Avengers defeated Captain Ultra and Goliath, the Revengers beat the rest of the team by collapsing the Mansion on top of them. The Revengers then apparently staged an attack on Avengers Tower presumably to lead the Avengers away from a press conference the Revengers were holding at the New York City public library, claiming full responsibility for assaulting the Avengers (and any potential repercussions from doing so) and speaking out against the questionable actions the Revengers felt the Avengers were never held accountable for. After this, Rogers' and Cage's Avengers teams assembled to confront the Revengers, who refused to surrender. Iron Man imprisoned Williams in a containment bubble created by Williams' best friend and Avenger Beast (Henry McCoy) while Thor used his mystic hammer Mjolnir to transport the remainder of the Revengers to the empty Citi Field stadium where no civilians were endangered. There, the Revengers were overpowered when individually attacked by Avengers members and taken into custody. Later, a captive but unrepentant Williams asked a saddened Beast for a promise to shut the Avengers down when he finally realizes the team is a flawed concept; satisfied the world received his message that the Avengers were unsafe, Williams disappeared from inside the containment unit by apparently dissipating.

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