Spirits of Vengeance

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Halloween Spooklight: Spirits of Vengeance

Ghost Rider, Hellstrom, Blade, and Satana join forces to save the Earth from the hordes of hell!



The demon developed a plan to bound Noble Kale, the ghostly entity who possessed Kale's descendant Daniel Ketch as Ghost Rider, to his infernal realm, giving Blackheart access to Ghost Rider's power source. To this end, he empowered several beings, mortal and otherwise to become Spirits of Vengeance in his service. (Despite Blackheart's use of the name, his Spirits of Vengeance had no obvious connection to the Spirits of vengeance that roamed the Earth many thousands of years ago, battled Zarathos alongside the Blood and others, and eventually empowered the Ghost Rider, Vengeance and others.)
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