X-Men (Earth-311)



In 1602, Carlos Javier created his group of witchbreed in order to train them and prepare them for a world that would continue to distrust and hate them. His team leader, Scotius Summerisle, was one of the first, along with the beast-like Henry McCoy, the ice-wielding Robert Trefusis, and the young girl-disguised as a boy-telepath and telekinetic, Jean Grey. One of their first missions was to free a young boy named Werner, who had been born with angel’s wings, and was about to be burnt at the stake by the Inquisition; led by Javier’s old friend-turned enemy-Grand Inquisitor Enrique. Scotius and Roberto succeeded in rescuing Werner, and he became the group’s newest member: the Angel.

As witchbreed, the team faced a constant danger from the various rulers of the surrounding countries. Though England’s head, Queen Elizabeth I, knew Javier to be loyal and refrained from hunting down his students. But Elizabeth was old, and would soon die, and as her spymaster, Nicholas Fury, warned Javier: her most likely successor, King James of Scotland, did not take as kindly to witchbreed. Which turned out to be true, as King James immediately ordered the capture of Javier’s group, and Fury was forced to lead an army to Javier’s school to take them in. Javier’s student went quietly, as Fury had warned them to before hand, and they were captured.

But they soon left custody as Fury turned traitor on the Crown and led them away in order to fight the Latverian ruler, Count Otto von Doom, to safeguard the universe itself against an unstable rift in time. They flew in a ship piloted by Jean Grey’s telekinesis; bolstered by Javier’s mental powers. Javier then led his students against Doom’s forces, and they triumphed once the Thunder God, Thor, released a storm that allowed Roberto to unleash icy rain down upon Doom’s battlements. Victorious, they returned to their boat, now restricted to the water itself, and set sail to the New World to close the rift.

There, Javier, his enemy Enrique, Thor, and Fury worked together to open the rift enough to send the out-of-time hero, Captain America, back through to heal the universe. Though instead of putting things back to the way they should have been, their universe split from its original, and remained as a pocket universe where the heroes who were born over 300 years before their time, remained. Javier’s students, minus Jean Grey who died from over-use of her powers, survived to work toward the cause of the witchbreed against fear and hatred.

Base of Operations
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