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The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #4 Shines a Spotlight on 'The Cataclysm of Kang'

See what the creators of the upcoming adventure had to say about the game!


Mutantkind’s History with Latveria, Explained

As Doctor Doom's X-Men make their debut in 'X-Men' #28, revisit a few of mutantkind's past encounters with Latveria and its forces.


Doom's X-Men Suit Up in 'X-Men' #29 First Look

In a special first look at 'X-Men' #29, Doctor Doom assembles his very own team of mutant heroes to defend Latveria.


10 Moments That Defined the Marvel Universe

Ahead of the Maker’s quest to make his own Marvel Universe in ‘Ultimate Invasion’ #1, revisit some key and major moments in Marvel Comics history.

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