Join Marvel cosplayers as they share their stories about the inspiration behind their craft with Marvel Becoming! Watch these artisans showcase their Marvel masterpieces!
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Marvel Becoming / S1 E3All-New Wolverine | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer Amanda Lynne Shafer

Watch as cosplayer Amanda Lynn Shafer becomes the All-New Wolverine in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E21Ant-Man & Wasp | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayers SoloRoboto & Kit Quinn

Watch as cosplayers SoloRoboto (Steven Meissner) and Kit Quinn become Ant-Man and The Wasp.


Marvel Becoming / S2 E7Ares | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer Cap Santiago

Watch as cosplayer Cap Santiago becomes Ares in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel BecomingAvengers Family | Marvel Becoming

For Ben Alcaraz & Silvia Vargas, cosplay is a family affair! Learn how the two of them grew closer via Marvel comics, started attending cons, and transformed their children into Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel in this episode of Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E11Black Bolt | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer David McKahan

Watch as cosplayer David McKahan becomes Black Bolt in a special episode from Marvel’s Inhumans in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel BecomingBlack Widow | Marvel Becoming

Watch as cosplayer Rose Romanova becomes Black Widow from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War in a special episode of Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E19Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider) | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer Chris Burns

Watch as cosplayer Chris Burns becomes Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Solider, on a new episode of Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E14Captain Marvel | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer Miss Mad Love

Watch as cosplayer Miss Mad Love becomes Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite PS4 Exclusive Captain Marvel in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E9Captain Marvel | Marveling Becoming | Cosplayer Marcy Schwerin

Watch as cosplayer Marcy Schwerin becomes Captain Marvel in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E12Crystal | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer Jennifer (Jinglebooboo)

Watch as cosplayer Jennifer (Jinglebooboo) becomes Crystal in a special episode from Marvel’s Inhumans in Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S2 E20Dazzler | Marvel Becoming | Cosplayer DJ Spider

Watch as cosplayer DJ Spider becomes Dazzler on a new episode of Marvel Becoming!


Marvel Becoming / S1 E2Doctor Doom | Marveling Becoming | Cosplayer Hex Mortis

Watch as cosplayer & prop builder Hex Mortis becomes the Doctor Doom in Marvel Becoming!

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