The team behind presents a litany of lists ranking Marvel characters, moments, stories, costumes, and so much more. Count down the best of the best!

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Marvel Top 10Thor's Greatest Villains | Marvel Top 10

Thor has many enemies but who is YOUR top Thor Villain?


Marvel Top 10Dark Magicians | Marvel Top 10

Get ready for Marvel’s Top 10 dark magicians!


Marvel Top 101960s Team Origins | Marvel Top 10

Which 1960s team-up origin story is your favorite?


Marvel Top 10Silver-Age Monsters | Marvel Top 10

What are your top 10 Silver-Age Monsters?


Marvel Top 1010 of Marvel's Greatest Leaders | Marvel Top 10

Step up and take charge with Marvel’s Top 10 Leaders! Who are your Top 10 Leaders?


Marvel Top 10Top 10 Iconic Comics | Top 10

Get ready for a blast from the past with Marvel’s Top 10 Iconic Comics!


Marvel Top 10Top 10 Fantastic Four Members | Top 10

Which member of the world's greatest family is in your Top 10?


Marvel Top 10Top 10 Holiday Stories (sponsored by Funko) | Marvel Top 10

Grab your Funkos and share some holiday cheer with Marvel’s Top 10 Holiday Stories!


Marvel Top 10MCU Battles You Can Portray With Your Funkos | Marvel Top 10

Grab your Funkos and get ready to re-create some of the most epic battles in MCU history!


Marvel Top 10Marvel's 10 most vicious vampires include a cow

Grab your garlic because these Vampires have more than biting wit. Dig your teeth into the nastiest blood-suckers in the Marvel Universe!


Marvel Top 10Top 10 Doctors | Marvel Top 10

Meet the Marvel doctors pushing the boundaries of time and space, including the DOCTOR WHO saves the universe, in a special Marvel Top 10!


Digital Series

Get Ready to Assemble: Marvel's Top 10 Leaders

We'd follow (almost all) of these team leaders into battle!

Culture & Lifestyle

By Odin's Beard, Here Are The Top 10 Beards in the Marvel Universe

We have some of the best beards in the Marvel Universe!

Digital Series

Top 10 MCU Fights

Watch a special rundown of the best movie battles to reenact with your Funkos!


The Greatest Spider-Man Comics of All-Time

Find out the wallcrawler's finest issues as ranked by the team!

Digital Series