Published April 14, 2020

Tom Holland Shares BTS Video with Jake Gyllenhaal, And We Miss Them Both

Guess it's time to watch 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' again.

It’s okay to spend hours scrolling through your phone looking at past pictures and videos of the fun times you used to have with your friends. Remember hanging out with friends? (Video calls count...but they’re just not the same.) It appears as if Tom Holland recently found himself doing just that, as he posted a video to Instagram reminiscing about the time he spent with his husband, Jake Gyllenhaal. 

If you didn’t know Gyllenhaal was Holland’s husband you do. He told us so in the caption for this Instagram video!

The post, which features the two Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Far From Home actors hanging out together in what appears to be an airplane and they’re passing the time as best they can with a fun game. No, it’s not a board game or charades but rather...they’re flipping bottles trying to land them in the nearby cupholders. Honestly, it looks pretty fun! Might be something you want to try out for yourself. 

Even though the video has very little dialogue, it’s clear that Holland and Gyllenhall are having a great time together. Let’s hope this sparks both of them now posting more videos and pictures from their adventures on the Far From Home press tour together.