Published August 13, 2020

10 More Incredible Iron Man Armors

Tony Stark continues to prove he's a shiny style icon.

Welcome to another spectacular Stark Week! As Iron Man, Tony Stark has donned more than a runway's worth of armors each with its own unique elements! After examining some of his most iconic looks a few years back, we're back at it with another 10 fantastic, must-see Iron Man armors from throughout the ages!

Going for the Gold

Stark built his first armor for survival, but he almost instantly gave it an overhaul after getting back to his own workshop. In TALES OF SUSPENSE #40, he debuted the gold armor after his ladyfriend Marion suggested the gray paint job was too frightening. With that, the Golden Avenger was born!

The Old Favorite

Eventually, Tony shifted from the bulkier original suits to more form-fitting red and yellow models starting with TALES OF SUSPENSE #48. Sure, Stark would make a variety of modifications to the mask and the weapons therein, but this version has proven to be the one he returns to the most, including during his recent battle with Ultron at the end of TONY STARK: IRON MAN. Even the A.I. version of Stark preferred this armor after the real deal was taken out of commission at the end of CIVIL WAR II.

The Arctic Armor

Over the years, Stark has built armors to allow him to traverse the most hostile conditions, from space to the deep sea, so it comes as no surprise that he also has an arctic armor. He debuted it in IRON MAN #318 to get to his hidden, ice-covered Arctic bunker. Though only seen rarely, the blue and white paint job on this one is striking and worth remembering!

Iron Man Artic Armor
IRON MAN (1968) #318

The Modular Armor

To celebrate IRON MAN #300, Stark donned a new armor to defeat Ultimo. In 1994, the modular nature of the suit, which allowed for quick add-ons for offense and defense, was cutting edge. This suit went on to serve as the main one for a few years. This was also the inspiration for the armor seen on the Iron Man animated series around that same time, which also featured its own share of armor alternatives in both the series and the accompanying action figure line.

The Iron Destroyer

During FEAR ITSELF, when the ancient Asgardian god Cul spread doubt, distrust, and enchanted hammers throughout the world, Iron Man stood with his fellow heroes against the threat. Stark got to work in Odin's workshop building Asgardian weapons to save the day. To give himself a boost, he combined his own Bleeding Edge armor with the mystical Destroyer, which he wore to help defeat the mighty Serpent.

Black and Gold

Upon returning from a stint in space, Stark went bold with his new armor, designing a black and yellow one unlike anything he'd worn before. Though initially designed to test new ideas for the suit, he remade it to take modular enhancements like a laser and a shield among other weapons. Leave it to Tony to always know how to accessorize.

The Man of Iron

When Malekith of Svartalfheim began collecting the Mandarin's rings, Iron Man went to the Dark Elf's realm to figure out the situation. After getting immediately attacked, he needed something to defend himself: an armor of actual iron that could hurt the evil inhabitants who wanted him dead. Upon succeeding, Stark got out of that magical Dodge and returned to his more scientific suits.

The Godkiller Mark II

A new team of Avengers came together to stop a group of Celestials called the Final Host from destroying the planet. In an effort to meet the space giants on their level, most of the squad did what they could to get big. Stark had the Godkiller Mark II delivered from its hiding spot on Mars to fight the invaders, but ultimately had to abandon the Giant-Size Iron Man suit during the battle.

The Fin Fang Foom Buster

In TONY STARK: IRON MAN #1, our hero found himself with a new lease on life and plenty of contingency plans in place for a variety of threats. One of them, dubbed Triple-F, came in handy when Fin Fang Foom attacked. This giant armor, the Fin Fang Foom Buster, was rocketed to its location in pieces and formed to take on Shellhead's old foe. When that one got demolished, Tony went the opposite route and deployed the more successful Nano Iron Man which attacked the old space dragon's bloodstream.

Mark One

Upon discovering that he was actually an artificial intelligence in a cloned body, Tony Stark had something of an identity crisis. While his half-brother Arno Stark took over his company as Iron Man in the latest Godkiller armor, Tony renamed himself Mark One and became a secret leader in the A.I. revolution. Though one of his least sleek-looking armors, the one he wore as Mark One helped stand against his brother... until he briefly died. After coming to terms with his identity, he got an even cooler suit, but you'll have to read the series to see what that looks like!

Iron Man 2020
IRON MAN 2020 (2019) #2

For more about the amazing Iron Man armors created by Tony Stark, watch the video at the top of this post!

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