Published May 9, 2019

5 Times Iron Man and Thor Teamed Up

Look back at five times their paths converged.

Iron Man and Thor

 Below, we highlight five times Iron Man and the God of Thunder crossed paths, teamed up, and fought big baddies together.


Formation of the Avengers

AVENGERS (1963) #1

Let’s start all the way at the beginning. It was, of course, Loki who first brought the Avengers together. Back in 1963’s AVENGERS #1, the God of Mischief came to Earth seeking revenge against his brother. (Some things never change, right?) His scheming ultimately led to Ant-Man, Iron Man, the Wasp, the Hulk, and Thor working together to stop him. It was the start of a beautiful friendship, with Iron Man and Thor (as well as the others) realizing they made a pretty good team.

Iron Man/Thor: God Complex

Iron Man and Thor
IRON MAN/THOR (2010) #4

In 2010, the IRON MAN/THOR miniseries gave us the “God Complex” storyline, in which the High Evolutionary attempted to create a new god for the 21st Century by combining mysticism and modern science. His plan was to use Iron Man as the vessel. Tony and the Odinson had to do some fancy footwork to stop this mad scientist/rogue deity from creating a basically unstoppable and super-terrifying techno-god.

Getting the band back together

Thor, Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers
AVENGERS (2018) #1

Last year, in AVENGERS #1, we saw Steve Rogers trying to get the original Avengers back together. A lot had happened for the Big Three recently – Thor struggled with unworthiness, Tony was literally disembodied, and Cap was still reeling from the events of SECRET EMPIRE. Tony was understandably reluctant to jump back into the “Mightiest Heroes” fray. In typical “Stony” form, Cap and Iron Man started arguing about the wisdom of getting the super team back together, and it was Thor who broke the tie, arguing that the three of them needed each other, ultimately winning Tony over to his way of thinking.

Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer

Ok, so this isn’t technically a storyline involving Thor and Tony, but it’s pretty awesome and definitely deserves a mention. Iron Hammer is one of those great hybrid characters we all love so much, and he first appeared in INFINITY WARS: IRON HAMMER #1, a wonderfully bizarre INFINITY WARS tie-in.  Also known as Stark Odinson, this intelligent but arrogant son of the All-Father was kidnapped by Frost Giants, who forced him to build an armory for them. But instead, he used their forges against them and made himself into an armored Asgardian hero.

History with Jane Foster

Tony Stark visits Jane Foster
IRON MAN (1998) #11

While Tony may not have played a major role in Jane’s story during her tenure as Thor, it’s worth pointing out that the two do have some important connections. As we see in IRON MAN #11-12, Jane was, for a period, a consulting physician for Tony. In fact, at this point in his history, the Iron Man suit was actually killing him, and it was Jane (along with Hank Pym) who had to deliver the bad news. And of course, during her run as Thor, Jane and Tony were fellow Avengers.

So as we’ve seen, Iron Man and Thor have quite a history together.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #12



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