Published January 10, 2019

8 Personalities of Legion

Take a look back at the complex mutant and the various personalities he’s developed.


For each consciousness David Haller absorbs or split personality he develops, he manifests various new psychic abilities and other powers. Below, take a look back at this complex mutant and the various personalities he’s developed.

Death in the Family

David’s powers manifested during a terrorist attack in Paris he endured as a child. After the attackers killed David’s step-father, the trauma brought out his latent psionic abilities. He lashed out at the terrorists and destroyed their minds, but as he did so, he touched each one and experienced their pain. The experience overwhelmed David and he fell into a coma.

Legion is Born

Unbeknownst to anyone, David absorbed the mind of the terrorists’ leader, Jemail Karami, as he attacked them. Through Karami’s personality, he manifested his telepathic abilities. Karami’s consciousness, still aware, found he could control David’s telepathy, and used it to try and escape his mind and be free once more.

Jack Wayne

David not only absorbs the minds and traits of others, but creates his own artificial personalities. Jack Wayne became the first of these, a stereotypical swaggering adventurer through whom David developed his telekinesis. Jack assumed control of David’s mind on a number of occasions, coming to blows with the New Mutants and generally indulging himself for as long as he’s “alive.”


After Jack, David developed the personality of Cyndi. She’s a rebellious young girl who often pushes against the fact that David controls her. Through Cyndi, David can utilize his power of pyrokinesis. She partners with Jack on occasion to try to take over David’s mind and enjoy being in control for once. Cyndi is known for having a crush on Cypher, a former New Mutants member.


“The Legion” became the next—and arguably most powerful—personality added to Legion’s psyche. David describes him as “the real me” and he was nicknamed “God-Mutant” by Magik. This personality manifests the powers to warp reality and manipulate time. David created the Age of Apocalypse reality while using these newfound abilities.


Another persona named Styx expands on David’s ability to absorb people’s minds. His “touch of death” can kill others and absorb their spirits, granting him control over their corpses. After the Age of X, Styx escaped David’s mind with five others and attempted to absorb the Moira personality to use her reality-warping powers and remake the world to his liking.

The Nameless Ones

David also has several personalities whose names have never been discovered. Personality 115 allows him to channel sound into energy. Personality 181 grants him size manipulation powers. Personality 749 can discharge electricity. Personality 762 is a pirate that belches a kind of acid gas.


Due to his ability to amass a seemingly endless supply of powers and abilities, many consider David to be one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. Doctor Nemesis classified him as an Omega-level mutant, and David believes that at least 200 of his personalities would themselves be categorized as Omega-level.



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